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Finland’s trade balance swung to deficit in April, final figures from the Finnish Customs showed on Wednesday.

The trade balance registered a deficit of EUR 250 million in April versus a surplus of EUR 191 million in the same month last year. In the initial estimate, trade deficit was EUR 265 million.

Exports rose 18.7 percent year-on-year in April. In the initial estimate exports rose 18.3 percent.

Imports grew 29.9 percent yearly in April. According to the initial estimate, imports rose 27.9 percent.

Shipments to the EU countries grew 22.3 percent in April, while in the initial estimate, exports rose 21.9 percent.

Imports from those countries rose 33.7 percent. According to the initial estimate, imports gained 33.1 percent.

Exports to countries outside the EU increased 14.7 percent and imports from those countries rose 24.4 percent.


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