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Turkey’s current account deficit narrowed in June, data from the central bank showed on Friday.

The current account deficit increased to $1.127 billion in June from $3.204 billion in May. Economists had forecast a deficit of $1.1 billion.

The goods trade deficit decreased to $1.599 billion in June, while the services surplus rose to $1.511 billion.

Gold and energy excluded current account indicated $1.995 billion surplus, which was observed as $40 million surplus in the same month of the previous year.

Under services, travel item recorded a net inflow of $1.026 billion in June.

The primary income account posted a net outflow of $1.021 billion in June, while the secondary income account surplus was $18.00 million.

The capital account deficit was $1.00 million in June. The financial account registered a deficit of $7.02 billion.


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