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Denmark consumer confidence improved in September, survey data from Statistics Denmark showed on Wednesday.

The consumer confidence index rose to 8.2 in September from 4.4 in August. The average for the past six months was 3.2.

The index measuring consumers’ view regarding the future personal financial situation increased to 16.2 in September from 13.5 in the preceding month.

The measure reflecting the past personal financial situation rose to 9.6 in September from 7.1 in the prior month.

Households’ assessment regarding the general economic situation of the country over the next year grew to 14.0 in September from 8.6 in August.

The index reflecting the view on the past general economic situation improved to 10.4 from 0.4 August.

Consumers were more negative toward the big purchases in September as the index increased to -9.2 from -7.7 in the previous month.

They expect the unemployment to decrease over the next year.


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